• 1. A child above 3 Years of the age is admitted to Nursery.
  • 2. A child above 4 years of the age is admitted to L.K.G.
  • 3. A child above 5 Years of the age is admitted to U.K.G.
  • 4. For admission, the Admission Form must be filled in and the fee should be paid along with the Birth Certificate and passport size photograph.
  • 5. If the parents or guardians wish to withdraw a child from the school, they must apply for the same in writing 15 days in advance.
  • 6. School Fee must be deposited by 10 of every month.

Greenfield Academy Admission


  • 1. All the students require minimum 85% attendance to be eligible for promotion.
  • 2. Leave of absence may be granted to pupil for sufficient cause but only on previous application for which space is there in the manual(diary).
  • 3. If pupils for same unexplained reason are absent from school for more than 15 days their names will be struck off from the Roll.
  • 4. During school hours no student is allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher until the classes are dismissed.
  • 5. If pupil is absent due to illness or any pupil on returning stating the reason for absence on the particular page provided in the manual.In case of illness a medical certificate essential.

Greenfield Academy Attendance